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How many films have you watched in your life and how many games have you played on Asiancasinocentral.com? Whether it’s 10 or 10 000, you’ve come to the right place for fresh insight. We love movies so much that we want you to make the most of your watching experience. It’s our credo here that people don’t just watch movies - they participate in them. A good movie can inspire, it can enlighten, it can add hope and a thrill of excitement. We take a piece of a film away with us and it becomes part of who we are.

We Live For The Moments

Aside from having an online casino's 2019 review website that offer reviews of different casinos, online roulette spellen en casino bonussen we also have Blu-ray filmer. Blu-ray Filmer exists to provide you with great reviews so that you can spot the best movies to watch (and which to avoid!) in Blu-ray format. But we do it because we’re passionate about film. We live for those unforgettable movie moments which have become part of our shared identity. Great films tie us together and transcend the limits of the mundane, the day-to-day. They open up new possibilities in our minds and imaginations. We relate to people we see on the movie screen and in that relating, something wonderful opens up.

Which ones of these magic movie moments have you experienced?

  • Watching a scary movie with your girlfriend and holding onto each other for dear life?
  • Re-enacting the matrix bullet-time or Neo/Agent Smith fight scene?
  • You starting to quote a movie, only to have your best friend finish the sentence?
  • Watching Star Wars for the first time and having your universe expanded and mind blown?

So we hope that now you see where we’re coming from! Long live the movie magic.

For information on what Blu-Ray is, how it works, and what you’ll need to play a Blu-ray disc, visit our About Section. That section is also packed with handy facts and figures to answer all your questions about compatibility, region-specific disc restrictions, the history of Blu-ray and even a comparison between Blu-Ray and DVDs.

Expert Film Reviews

Our team of expert film critics have a wealth of experience in reviewing films. This is experience from watching hundreds of films with an appreciative, yet critical eye. Our trusted reviews provide not just a summary of the film itself, but an analysis of what makes that individual film tick. Will it touch you, scare you, inspire you? Our reviews will let you know.

Whether it’s an instant classic or a throwaway, we’ll give you our insights so that you’re the best informed. With our first hand experience of film making and film criticism, we’ll apply that understanding in the reviews. That will help you deepen your appreciation for the film when you watch it since you’ll have an insider scoop on the techniques and tricks of the trade that make good movies the most fun and rewarding to watch.

Of course, watching the films of Blu-ray is a must because the quality at 4k resolution is unsurpassed and we want you to have the best movie-watching experience available on the planet...ever!

What You Can Find

you’ll find reviews of some of the top recent releases out there. We’ve covered the different genres so there is something for everyone! From action to horror to fantasy, to kids films and faith-based drama, we review the lot so you can make great viewing choices.

Review Categories

You’ll find our reviews are grouped in 2 themes: ‘new releases’ and ‘popular’. The new releases are any films that were released within the last 3 months across any genre.

The ‘popular’ category has film reviews that have a mainstream appeal.  That means here you’ll find top-grossing or most watched or even must-watch films!  Whether it’s a group of A-listers in the cast, a well-known franchise or a summer blockbuster epic from your favourite director, we’ll feature those movie reviews in our ‘popular reviews’ section.


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