Slots inspired by Asian movies

Slots inspired by Asian movies

Slots and casinos are a huge part of Asian countries such as Thailand. Thailand has a vast history of gambling as the local Siamese played almost 100 gambling games including betting on bullfights. Soon traders and foreigners came in and introduced them to more such games which made gambling a lot more common.

Gambling in Asia today has come a long way from that time. The Asiancasinoclub helps bring gamblers in Asia together. Modern gambling takes many forms and slots are just one of them. They are the most fun and exciting part of gambling as they make it seem extra easy.

Slots and Movies

Slot machines have always had a wide audience and this is why they often take up on popular movies to please their audiences. If there are two things in this world that have a cult following, they are media and gambling. Hence bringing them together is the ultimate business move.

There are a number of movie-based slots on films such as the Jurassic Park franchise, Lord of the Rings movies, Marvel Universe, Star Wars, and Justice League. These are enjoyed by the fans with all their hearts as they bring their two passions together.

Slots and Asian Movies

As times change it can be seen that people are open to more foreign forms of media. This has also led to the popularity of Asian shows and movies. From Parasite winning the Oscar for Best Film to Squid Game becoming the most streamed show on Netflix and topping the charts in 90+ countries it’s clear that media consumption is taking a new turn.

This is why now more and more slot machine developers are turning to Asian movies to inspire them. Soon we will see countless such slots being developed. Casinos and slots are a business and they cater to what their customers want. As long as there is a continued demand for such slots, they will surely be delivered.

Slots Inspired by Asian Movies

Even though the list of Asian movie-inspired slots is less, there are still a couple that have already been developed and are loved by many. Let us have a look at them below!

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell is a movie based on a famous anime with the same name. The movie was loved and appreciated by fans all over the world. The slot machine by the same name is based on the anime and movie. It is one of the best slots with high payouts.

City Life

The slot City Life has not been developed based on one particular film but multiple. This slot takes characters from well-known media in Asia and presents them in a very fun way. These include the movies Asura: The City of Madness, New World, and Godspeed.    


Movies have inspired slot games for decades and Asian movies are now entering this arena. With the popularity of Asian cinema, it is only a matter of time before the Asian-movie-inspired slot machines take over the online gambling world!